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Google WiFi mesh system review.

Google WiFi mesh system

Today we would like to talk about an interesting system – Google WiFi.
It is difficult to imagine a modern family, which would not have a home device with support for Wi-Fi. Moreover, the vast majority of you have several smartphones, and for work and entertainment uses a tablet and / or a laptop.

The level of development of wireless networks has reached a level where the speed of data exchange has ceased to be the main problem. At the same time, a different problem has come to the fore: communication range and coverage area.

Anyone who is familiar with wireless networks knows that as the range increases and the number of obstacles increases, the connection speed drops. Of course, much depends on the layout of the premises, the materials of the walls and their decoration. For this reason, the signal level and the quality of the coating in different rooms is significantly different.

So what if there is a goal to create a home wireless network capable of covering a large area?

The market now has many solutions, both ready-made, and those of which the network can be built independently. One such solution is Google WiFi.

Google WiFi mesh system

Technical features and capabilities of  Google WiFi .

The device can be purchased separately as a single copy – Google WiFi router, and a set of 3 identical devices – Google Wifi Mesh System (set of 3). Needless to say, buying a set of 3 devices, you save a decent amount.


– All devices from the kit are full-fledged routers. Yes, there is no mistake, all the devices in the kit are completely identical, and among them there is no “main” device in the initial configuration.
This means that you can get any of the devices out of the box and use it as a router. Moreover, you can install 2 devices, and give the third device or give it to your friend. In this case, all devices will be completely independent of each other.

Each device is equipped with a powerful 4-core ARM-processor, whose core runs at a frequency of 710 MHz. At the disposal of the processor there is 512 megabytes of RAM and built-in storage for 4 gigabytes.

– Support for the newest standard. Many do not fully understand why this parameter is so important. The thing is that Google WiFi is not an ordinary AC1200 router, it supports the second generation of the 802.11ac standard – 802.11ac Wave 2.

– Support for Dual-band. All devices are dual-band, so they can simultaneously work as obsolete clients (802.11a / b / g / n), and with modern (802.11ac). Support for two bands increases the network capacity and the number of possible connections.

-Support MESH. This is perhaps the main thing that distinguishes Google WiFi from other similar solutions. Mesh technology is predetermined by the 802.11s standard. The essence of the Wireless Mesh is that the nodes can organize a network among themselves, using a wireless network to implement Uplink.

– the presence of 2 gigabit ports in each device. On the one hand, 2 ports are not so much, on the main unit one has to be used as a WAN, the second one, if necessary, can be used to connect any device or additional switch.

– Cloud management. Google WiFi connects to your Google account. Through the mobile application, you can manage the network from anywhere in the world. For controlling devices, the built-in Bluetooth module is partially used.

Google WiFi mesh system

Appearance and delivery set.

Google Wi-Fi 3-pack is delivered in a white box.
The adapters are made in China by Salcomp, they support a wide input range from 100 to 240 volts, which makes them universal and suitable for almost any electrical network. At the output, the adapters provide a voltage of 5 volts with a current of up to 3 amperes, which corresponds to the maximum power consumption of Google Wi-Fi.

Google WiFi mesh system

There is also a USB Type C connector. The cables have a good length and soft touch coating.

The complete Ethernet cable is flat, without shielding. It is executed in all the same white color and has soft-coating.

Google WiFi mesh system

Access points, which are part-routers, are made in a minimalist style.

Google WiFi mesh system

Around the circle of the device there is a small depression, which serves as a LED-indication. On one side, the display is interrupted by a function key.

Google WiFi mesh system
When you turn on the “non-connected” device will be blue, at the time of initialization the blue indicator will start pulsating, once the system is loaded the indicator will change its color to white (main). The brightness of the display can be adjusted, which is very pleasing.

Google WiFi mesh system

On the bottom panel in the recess are hidden 2 gigabit ports and a power socket. By default, in the device selected as the primary, the first port is assigned as a WAN, remaining as a LAN port.

Google WiFi mesh system
On the Google Wi-Fi table, it looks very harmonious, many of your guests will not even understand what it is. All antennas are internal and this should not be afraid at all, because quality and level of coverage of the system is one of the best in the market.

Сonclusions :

Google Wi-Fi is uniquely one of the best solutions in the market for home Mesh devices. Excellent coverage and performance, thoughtful design, gigabit interfaces, unique functionality. All this and many other factors fully justify the high cost of the device.




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