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What is Wi-Fi a extender (repeater) ? How does this work ?

wifi extender

Wi-Fi extender is a separate device. They are also called repeaters, or repeaters.

These are devices in which one task is to amplify the signal of an already existing Wi-Fi network.


wifi extender

Many manufacturers, which produce routers, also produce repeaters. For example, such popular companies as: Asus, Tp-Link, Linksys, Netis, etc. You can find repeaters in almost any computer equipment store or online store. They can be called differently: extenders, repeaters, or  amplifiers. They also look different. As a rule, they are very compact. But, there are also similar to Wi-Fi routers.

In fact, there are a lot of repeaters on the rank. All of them are different, both externally and with their functional. Well, of course at the price. I think that there will be no problems with the choice.

These devices are not so popular and in demand as Wi-Fi routers, but in many cases, they are simply not replaceable. There are many situations when after installing the router, Wi-Fi is not available throughout the house or office. It is in such cases that repeaters are simply not replaceable. And instead of spending a relatively small sum on the repeater, users start to think of something: pull the router and all the cables closer to the center of the house, buy more powerful antennas, make some homemade amplifiers for Wi-Fi (no benefits from it), and so on.

But there are repeaters: bought, plugged into the outlet in the room where the Wi-Fi network is still there, but the signal is not very strong, and all problems are solved.

Wi-Fi extender : How does it work ?

We have a main Wi-Fi router that distributes the Internet over Wi-Fi. Everything is set up, and works fine. But, here Wi-Fi does not catch all over the house. For example, in the hallway Wi-Fi is still there, but in the kitchen the signal is already very bad, or the devices do not catch the Wi-Fi network at all. We take the repeater, and turn it on in the hallway.

What it does: it takes a Wi-Fi signal from the main router, and passes it on. It turns out that in the kitchen we already have a very good signal of the home network. It relays the wireless network (therefore, it is called a repeater). The repeater just acts as an amplifier. Its main task is to take a certain Wi-Fi network, and pass it on.

Some important points when using a repeater:

  1. If you use a repeater, then the Wi-Fi network will remain exactly one

2. Your devices will automatically, unbeknownst to you, connect to that network, the signal from which is stronger. For example, the main router is installed in the bedroom, and the repeater is in the hallway. So, if you are in the bedroom, you will be connected to the Wi-Fi router. And if you go to the hallway, your phone will automatically connect to the repeater. You will not notice this.

3. All devices: phones, computers, laptops, tablets, televisions, etc., that will be connected to the main router, or repeater, will be in the same network. And this means that we can configure a local network, in which all devices will participate.


Router as wifi extender.

A typical Wi-Fi router can act as a repeater. True, not all models can do this, and not all manufacturers have this mode well. If you have an extra router that lies idle, then it can, without problems, be able to work in the repeater mode (amplifier), and increase the range of your Wi-Fi network. All you need to do is configure the router to work in the desired mode. But, this option is not available on all routers.

Extender¬†Wi-Fi signal – really useful device. But, for some reason, faced with the problem of a weak Wi-Fi signal in your home, not many solve the problem by buying and installing a repeater. But they ask just a huge number of questions like: “I do not catch Wi-Fi in the bedroom, what should I do?”, “Very weak Wi-Fi signal, help”, “what settings to change in the router, what would be the Wi-Fi signal more powerful? ” etc.

As a rule, if the signal is bad, it can not be fixed by the configuration of the router itself. You just have a large area of the house that the router physically can not cover with a signal. And also the walls are different, and interference. In such cases, installing the repeater solves all problems.

As for the usual router, which can act as a extender, then I recommend configuring such a scheme only if the router itself already exists. If you are going to buy, you better buy a real repeater right away. A device that is specifically designed to extend the area of a Wi-Fi network.

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