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Wi-Fi Mesh system vs. router and repeater : what to choose ?

When the router is not enough (in terms of covering the Wi-Fi network), the most optimal solution is to install a repeater. You can use another router that can work in the Wi-Fi network amplification mode, or additional access points that connect to the master router by cable, which is not always convenient. The usual repeater also clones the settings of the main Wi-Fi network, and the wireless network is like one, but in the bunch of the router + repeater there are two big minuses, in comparison with the modular Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Mesh system vs. extender
Well, if you used a Wi-Fi network in which there are repeaters, you probably know how unstable this network is. Repeaters can be disconnected, lose connection to the main network, or create problems when connecting devices.

Repeaters do not create a seamless Wi-Fi network. You can build a real seamless Wi-Fi network only with the help of the Wi-Fi Mesh system.

Yes, after installing a regular repeater on devices, one Wi-Fi network is displayed. But at the moment when the device switches between the router and the repeater, the connection is disconnected and the connection to the Internet is lost for some time. Switching between the Mesh modules of the system takes place without disconnecting the connection.

Even if at the moment there is no need to expand the Wi-Fi network, it is possible to buy exactly one module of some WI-fi Mesh system instead of a router. It will work like a normal router. But when one module will not be enough you can buy another module and very quickly expand the Wi-Fi network. And this network will work much faster and more stable, and it will be much more enjoyable to use than a network based on a router and a repeater.

I do not think that routers are losing relevance and they need to be urgently thrown in the trash and buy cellular Wi-Fi systems. Simply if you choose new equipment for creating a large, reliable and fast Wi-Fi network, why not pay attention to devices that are ideal for this.

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