Wireless modem booster

Wireless modem booster.

What is a Wi-Fi repeater (booster) ?

A common problem in large apartments and private houses is a weak wifi signal in separate rooms. For home use, buying an expensive router with 4+ antennas does not make sense, since even such models do not always cope with the tasks due to the limited range. Repeater Wi-Fi comes to the rescue.

This device is a compact device that looks similar (and sometimes almost indistinguishable) from an ordinary router in appearance. Its main function is to amplify the signal from the router and work as a wireless access point. Users, thanks to this, it is possible to expand the coverage area by almost 2 times. The repeater is perfect in cases where the signal of a cheap router is not enough to the opposite room.

How to choose wireless modem booster ?

On the market you can find devices from 15 to 150 dollars. Top models are designed for corporate purposes, while they are used in large offices and enterprises. For an apartment or a country house you can buy a device from the budget or middle class. At purchase we advise to be guided by a number of parameters:

Data transmission speed.

Modern repeaters provide up to 450 megabits per second. If your modem works at 300 Mbps, then to buy a repeater with a higher bandwidth, of course, there is no sense.

The presence of antennas and their power.
Powerful antennas provide a more extensive coverage area.

Type of power connection.

Most models are powered from the outlet, so when you place the repeater, you must also attach to the outlet. However, on the market there are also compact devices that are powered by USB.



Here you should pay attention to the presence of reset buttons, WPS connections, light indicators, indicating the strength of the signal and modes of operation.


Make sure that the technical documentation is shipped with the device. The LAN cable included will be a nice bonus.

Considering the question of which repeater to choose, read the reviews and you will learn about the pros and cons of various models.